Electronic Division

 Yamaha YSM10 SMT Machine
 Sonic Lead Free Hot Air 10-Zone Reflow Oven (2 sets)
 Automatic PCB Solder Paste Printer

Plastic Division

 Haitian 280T Injection Molding Machine
 Sumitomo 180T Injection Molding Machine (2 sets)
 Sumitomo 145T Injection Molding Machine
 Sumitomo 110T Injection Molding Machine

Cable Assembly Division
High Speed Wire Cutting Machine
Automatic DC Connector Soldering Machine
Automatic Cable Wrapping Machine
Automatic USB Connector Soldering Machine
Automatic Cable Stripping and Twisting Machine
Automatic Cable Tinning Machine
Automatic Stripping and Terminal Crimping Machine
Various Vertical Injection Molding Machines (14 sets)