Founded by Mr. M. L. Chan in 1992, Evermuch Technology Company Limited has 20-years of operation and presence in OEM industry in China.

We have three in-house manufacturing divisions include Electronic Assembly (SMT / THT / Box-build), Plastics Injection Molding, and Cable Assembly (Excl. AC Power Cord), with a total floor area of over 7,000 sqm

Cable Assembly : Set up in 1992 with a floor area of ~3,500 sqm, and a staff force of 500 direct workers;
Plastic Injection Molding : Set up in 2002 with a floor area of ~3,000 sqm, and over 30 injection molding machines ranged from 65T to 400T;
Electronic Assembly : Set up in 2002 with a floor area of ~1,500sqm with 2 in-house SMT Production Line (6 SMT machines), 2 Touch-up Production Lines, and 3 Box-built Production lines;

We are export driven with clients across Europe, US, Australia and Asia. We directly and indirectly supply to many of the world’s leading brands across industries including medical device, consumer electronics, telecom, computer, game, etc.

Export driven with clients across Europe / US / Australia / Asia

We have a history of consistent investments in machinery and factory infrastructure, and achievements of up-to-dated qualifications including ISO9001:2015 / ISO14001:2015 / ISO13485:2016 /Apple MFi Manufacturing License (6.4) / UL / IPC / USB-IF / HDMI certificates.

We have a dedicated staff force of over 700 people including :

~600 front line workers and line leaders
A over 10 person OEM development engineer team covering cable / plastic and electronic product development
A ~40 person quality control engineer team safeguarding your product quality

We look forward to supporting the development and manufacture of your products!